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Diana (Cda)

_FilePrint() - notepad is background text editor

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Diana (Cda)

I posted over here, #562317, but I'm guessing that that might not have been best place to ask question (?).

This UDF works really, really well in the sense that you run the script and you get a printout of the document that you designate in the script to print.

What isn't great is the fact that notepad is used. I have used a notepad replacement that is inifintely better for years and that would give me a much, much better printout of the pages in question.

I haven't a clue on where to change the vehicle for printing, or even if that can be done. Does anyone know how?

The UDF coding is this, as well as also being available for dl on that pageabove:


Global Const $ERROR_OUT_OF_MEMORY    = 0    ;The operating system is out of memory or resources.
Global Const $ERROR_FILE_NOT_FOUND   = 2    ;The specified file was not found. 
Global Const $ERROR_PATH_NOT_FOUND   = 3    ;The specified path was not found. 
Global Const $ERROR_BAD_FORMAT       = 11   ;The .exe file is invalid (non-Microsoft Win32® .exe or error in .exe image). 
Global Const $SE_ERR_FNF             = 2    ;The specified file was not found. 
Global Const $SE_ERR_PNF             = 3    ;The specified path was not found. 
Global Const $SE_ERR_ACCESSDENIED    = 5    ;The operating system denied access to the specified file. 
Global Const $SE_ERR_OOM             = 8    ;There was not enough memory to complete the operation. 
Global Const $SE_ERR_SHARE           = 26   ;A sharing violation occurred. 
Global Const $SE_ERR_ASSOCINCOMPLETE = 27   ;The file name association is incomplete or invalid. 
Global Const $SE_ERR_DDETIMEOUT      = 28   ;The DDE transaction could not be completed because the request timed out. 
Global Const $SE_ERR_DDEFAIL         = 29   ;The DDE transaction failed. 
Global Const $SE_ERR_DDEBUSY         = 30   ;The Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) transaction could not be completed because other DDE transactions were being processed. 
Global Const $SE_ERR_NOASSOC         = 31   ;There is no application associated with the given file name extension. This error will also be returned if you attempt to print a file that is not printable. 
Global Const $SE_ERR_DLLNOTFOUND     = 32   ;The specified dynamic-link library (DLL) was not found.

; Function Name:   _FilePrint()
; Description:     Prints a file.
; Syntax:          _FilePrint ( $s_File [, $i_Show] )
; Parameter(s):    $s_File     = The file to print.
;                  $i_Show     = The state of the window. (default = @SW_HIDE)
; Requirement(s):  External:   = shell32.dll (it's already in system32).
;                  Internal:   = None.
; Return Value(s): On Success: = Returns 1.
;                  On Failure: = Returns 0 and sets @error according to the global constants list.
; Author(s):       erifash <erifash [at] gmail [dot] com>
; Note(s):         Uses the ShellExecute function of shell32.dll.
; Example(s):
;   _FilePrint("C:\file.txt")
Func _FilePrint($s_File, $i_Show = @SW_HIDE)
    Local $a_Ret = DllCall("shell32.dll", "long", "ShellExecute", _
        "hwnd", 0, _
        "string", "print", _
        "string", $s_File, _
        "string", "", _
        "string", "", _
        "int", $i_Show)
    If $a_Ret[0] > 32 and not @error Then
        Return 1
        Return 0
EndFunc   ;==>_FilePrint()oÝ÷ Ù*[ajÝý²wuçb²Ú)ºÛaz·z·§qëh¶W¢Ø^µªàzÛ®*m"·§jg¦¸§µ«·¶k{Z»{(¶¢ÉnuêÞ}êÞÇ¥¢,)¶¬jëh×6#include <_Print.au3>oÝ÷ Ù8^)Þ¡û®*m¶­q©e²Ø^P1b²Øb±«­¢+Ù}¥±AÉ¥¹Ð¡MÉ¥ÁѥȵÀìÅÕ½ÐìÀäÈí1¥ÍйÑáÐÅÕ½Ðì¤
I was wondering how to reference this editor in the print UDF so that Metapad is used instead of notepad.

Thanks. :oD

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