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Got Problems with autoitsetoption´s

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I tryed to Set n Opera,selfinstalscript. It works well.

But i tryed to Uncheck nearly in the End the options "Create Shortcut in Startmenu", "Create Icon on desktop"

There for i thought i can use "Controlclick" But I didnt found the right way.

I thought, perhaps the Translation in to German is as worse as my English;-)

So i tryed the "Mouse Klick version "

When i use the Funktion Mouseclick("left",61,161,2) he dose a Click out of the Window, so I tryed to finde out to relativate the Koordinates of the Window and the Desktop.

But how i can use Opt("MouseCoordMode",1)?

Is it like

MouseClick("left",61,161,2) Opt("MouseCoordMode",1)


Plz help me

Ps: Im German and my english is worse, as you can see, so please try to type clearly enough for a skripting noob;-) Thanks

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