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IP an DNS name

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i'e a request.

Made small script that monitor a list (with ping) of machine and build an html page with status.

Based on text file with a list of IP, script can obtain DNS from IP with :

        $IPtoNAME =  _TCPIpToName($line)

if i have dns, script must understand that is necessary to obtain IP from DNS,

but before it must understand that machine address is not numeric but DNS value.

Can anyone help me?

thank you,


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you got a string and need to check whether it is an IP or a hostname?


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I have used the following in my Ping (named: pong) script.

See my signature for this script.

If StringRegExp($line, "(\d+\.\d+\.\d+\.\d+)", 0) = 1 Then ...; Check if $line is an IP address

If you use then sentence you can check whether the $line (input) is an IP address. If not (outcome = 0) then it's not an IP and probably a DNS name.

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