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Ask autoit to look for a picture and click it when it pops up

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Hi all

I have a main command I want auto it to do. Its fairly simple and I can get auto it to do this. But while it is doing this:

I have a series of pictures I need auto it to click when they appear on my screen. How do I ask auto it to look for these saved images and click them in the appropriate locations?

For example:

i want auto it to search for a red button with an x on it so I save the pic for it to look for on my desktop. It appears and I want auto it to move the mouse to (690, 726) and click down with the left button.

or maybe a different picture appears, and I want auto it to go to (640, 502) [because that is where it is on screen] and left click once

and then, if these pictures do not appear, i want auto it to continue the main command

I have the main part downpat but Im thinking the conditions are screwing with my head!

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ok after researching, I have learned this isnt possible

however pixel search is ;)

how do I ask auto it to do the main command, sleep for 20 seconds, then repeat the main command but while it is sleeping, to search for a colour and click it if found?

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it is quite possible to do what you want... there are several methods for finding "pictures" on the screen. (One that I wrote myself... although its probably not the best out there)

Try searching around for it.

As for your looping problem, you'd simply want to try something like this:

while 1
   ;main command
   $timer_start = timerinit()
      ; look for pic
   until timerdiff($timer_start) > 20000 ; It will look for your pic for 20 seconds (20,000 ms) and then start your main command again.

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The sleep and look code:

For $i=1 to 200 ;200*100=20000ms=20sec
;look for pixel code goes here

Trust me to make SkyNet with AutoIt...

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