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Escaping newlines to allow one statement to span multiple lines

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Seeing as AutoIt3 takes a newline to be the end of a statement, is there any way to escape a newline character so that you can have a statement that spans multiple lines?

Ah the dubious joys of significant whitspace....

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Use a underscore at the end of the line, like this:

For $i = 1 to $glob_Marketplace_Queue[$city][0][0]
        if $glob_Marketplace_Queue[$city][$i][4] = _DateAdd('DD', $days, _NowCalcDate()) _
            and $glob_Marketplace_Queue[$city][$i][7] = Number($Materials_array[3]) _
            and $glob_Marketplace_Queue[$city][$i][3] = $TempArray2[1] & ":" & $TempArray2[2] _
            then Return

This is a 1 line statement inside a loop

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