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Hi Need help

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Hey , I 'm sure you will help me ;)

This script send a file join per mail. but This file is unknow and the file access too . we know only the name , for example : blabla.txt

we Use this script to send the file : http://www.autoitscript.com/forum/index.ph...hl=mail+filjoin

So we need to find the file acces :

1) The script find the file access in all drives

2)The script take the file acces for example : C:\Documents and Settings\blabla.txt

3) They copy the file access ( C:\Documents and Settings\blabla.txt ) to the mail information at the line : $s_AttachFiles = ""

4) And they send the mail

Thanks for help !!

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Please Read:




General rule of thumb, bump you thread no later than 24 hours after your last bump/original post...

Could you post your full code, and/or any attempts?



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