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Lil help here pls

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Hello every1!

I'm kinda newbie here er I'd like to make a script which can do the following thins:

When I start the script it starts working with 3 secs delays and press down the h+e+l+p buttons and then press enter twice . The script repeats it in every 5 mins.

please any1 ?

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Welcome to the forums.

Most people here will not write a script for you, but rather point you in the right direction, and let you learn from what you code... :D

I'd advise you to have a look at the following functions in the AutoIt helpfile:

TimerInit and TimerDiff (For testing if 5minutes is up)

Sleep (Use it in a If...Else...EndIf statement if the time isn't 5minutes, so you burn less CPU at time. Also for the 3 second delay)

Send (For sending the keys and enter...)

While 1...Wend (Repeating the script)

So have a go with whipping something up, and see how you go. If you need help with it, just post your code, and we can give you a hand!




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