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Away Messenger v1.0

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I Got Bored Again.. xD ;) Its A Fast Easy Way 2 Set An Away Message And It Logs Who Messages You And If You Wanna Try It For Other Messengers Just Change " $Key_Word " :D

Steps :

1. Set A Message

2. When You Wanna Go Away Press Away Mode

3. Then When Your Back Press Back XD!!!!!!

Away Messenger v1.0 - Source

#Include <GUIConstants.Au3>
#Include <Date.Au3>
Opt ('GUIOnEventMode','1')
Opt ('WinTitleMatchMode','2')

Global $Away = False, $Back = True, $Key_Word = ('Conversation')

GUICreate ('Away Messenger v1.0 - By John O.','350','144','-1','-1','-1','128')
GUISetOnEvent ($GUI_EVENT_CLOSE, '_Exit')
$Status = GUICtrlCreateInput ('Status : Online','0','5','350','20','1')
GUICtrlSetFont ($Status, '10','','','Lucida Console')
GUICtrlSetState ($Status, $GUI_DISABLE)
$Message = GUICtrlCreateEdit ('','0','30','350','75')
GUICtrlSetFont ($Message, '10','','','Lucida Console')
GUICtrlSetColor ($Message, '0x0000FF')
$Button = GUICtrlCreateButton ('Away Mode','125','111','90','28')
GUICtrlSetFont ($Button, '10','','','Lucida Console')
GUICtrlSetColor ($Button, '0xFF0000')
GUICtrlSetOnEvent ($Button, '_Away_Mode')
GUISetState (@SW_SHOW)

While ('1')
Sleep ('10')
If $Away = True And $Back = False Then 
If WinExists ($Key_Word) Then _Message_Event (WinGetTitle ($Key_Word))

Func _Message_Event ($Full_Title)
ClipPut ('Away Message : ' & @CRLF & GUICtrlRead ($Message))
WinActivate ($Full_Title)
WinSetState ($Full_Title, '', @SW_MAXIMIZE)
WinActivate ($Full_Title)
Sleep ('1000')
Send ('{CtrlDown}{V}')
Send ('{CtrlUp}')
Sleep ('500')
Send ('{Enter}')
Sleep ('500')
WinClose ($Full_Title)
_Log ($Full_Title)

Func _Away_Mode ()
If GUICtrlRead ($Message) <> '' Then 
GUICtrlSetData ($Status, 'Status : Away')
GUICtrlSetData ($Button, 'Back')
GUICtrlSetOnEvent ($Button, '_Back')
GUICtrlSetColor ($Button, '0x0000FF')
GUICtrlSetState ($Message, $GUI_DISABLE)
$Away = True
$Back = False

Func _Back ()
GUICtrlSetData ($Status, 'Status : Online')
GUICtrlSetData ($Button, 'Away Mode')
GUICtrlSetOnEvent ($Button, '_Away_Mode')
GUICtrlSetColor ($Button, '0xFF0000')
GUICtrlSetState ($Message, $GUI_ENABLE)
$Away = False
$Back = True 

Func _Log ($Data)
$String = StringSplit ($Data, ' -')
FileWriteLine (@ScriptDir & '\Log.txt', '[' & _NowTime () & '] ' & $String['1'] & ' Sent You A Message.')

Func _Exit ()

Hope You Enjoy ~~

Please Leave Comments, Bugs, Etc... ;)

- John

Edited by John2006

Latest Projects :- New & Improved TCP Chat

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