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Externalizing the configuration

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Hi All,

I am Newbie to AutoIt.

I have created some sample application for my project need. Does AutoIt provides any wat to externalize some setting like the way C# application provides config file. User can edit the values in config file. later at the time of execution these comfiguration are used by the running program. Like this is their any way where i can allow use to edit some setting before runnig the exe file. Then at the time of execution .exe application will read the settings from config file provided along with it. And accordingly exection will proceed?

Suppose i want install some application but i dont want user to pass the path of inatsllation on command line. Instead i want use to edit the path in some configuration file and jus double click the exe file to install the application. The application will read the path from config file and installation will proceed....

This is just the example. I have to save lot of parameter to configuration file in order to externalize them and allow user to edit them to suit his confort.

Thanks in advance.

Thanks & regards

Vinit meta.

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