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How to add progress bar when using filecopy?

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Is this possible?

example: file from one directory to another, how explorer does it's progress bar thing.

Would it be possible to detect how many bytes have been transferred plus the total, like the @InetGetBytesRead macro in autoit?

I'm creating a script an autorun on my usb, it will copy the tools to the users desktop, tell me the usb is no longer needed, remove the usb, run them and auto install.

Problem is: if you do filecopy, it won't give you a progress bar. the script silently copies... so I have no idea how far it is!

AVG antivirus (take note I disagree with this application) is ~40MB, so this type of feature would be very helpful!

Wow, took me a half an hour to find...

ironic, after i post i find it.

;~ 4 Do not display a progress dialog box.  
;~ 8 Give the file being operated on a new name in a move, copy, or rename operation if a file with the target name already exists.  
;~ 16 Respond with "Yes to All" for any dialog box that is displayed.  
;~ 64 Preserve undo information, if possible. 
;~ 128 Perform the operation on files only if a wildcard file name (*.*) is specified.  
;~ 256 Display a progress dialog box but do not show the file names.  
;~ 512 Do not confirm the creation of a new directory if the operation requires one to be created.  
;~ 1024 Do not display a user interface if an error occurs.  
;~ 2048 Version 4.71. Do not copy the security attributes of the file. 
;~ 4096 Only operate in the local directory. Don't operate recursively into subdirectories. 
;~ 9182 Version 5.0. Do not copy connected files as a group. Only copy the specified files.  

_FileCopy("C:\Installed Apps\Patches\WindowsXP-KB835935-SP2-ENU.exe","C:\temp")

Func _FileCopy($fromFile,$tofile) 
    Local $FOF_RESPOND_YES = 16
    $winShell = ObjCreate("shell.application")
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