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Scanner Popup Window

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Hello, I have this scanner software that is anoying. If I press the scanner button on the scanner it scans my document and then pops up with a GUI that says:

Title: Scan Document

Body: Do you want to scan another page into the current document

Buttons: Scan Done

I would like to automate clicking : Done (everytime this pops up if possible)

There will be no monitor at this desktop so it will be difficult to click this menu. Can anyone help me out. I am a newbie at this, I don't know where to start.



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this is a very easy task with autoit, read the helpFile for the followings...






helpFile can be accessed by Pressing F1 in it's Editor.

A Example with Comments;

#NoTrayIcon ; for hiding TrayIcon of script
Dim $Msg
$Msg = MsgBox(68,"My Title","do you want to run this tool?")
   Case $Msg = 6 ;Yes
   Case $Msg = 7 ;No
Opt("WinTitleMatchMode", 2) ; For matching window Title
While 1 ; it will check if the window exists again and again
    WinWait("Scan Document", "") ; will wait for window to be activated
    WinActivate("Scan Document", "") ; will activate the window
    Send("{ENTER}") ; this will send Enter Key to the active window
    Sleep(500) ; will pause the script for half second
    TrayTip("Clicking Done", "Button was Pressed Successfully", 10) ; A TrayTip Message

it's just a example not a working code...

anything else need to know then first read the helpFile and then search the forum, if you did not get your problem solved then ask here!.

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