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enqueue selected file in winamp

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I have a problem which I just can't solve. Maybe somebody out there could give me a hint.

I want to send an IR-signal and enqueue the currently selected file in windows explorer in winamp. I have a tool called ir2keyboard which translates ir-signals to keyboard-command. I assigned SHIFT+ENTER to an IR-command (usually SHIFT+ENTER enqueues the currently selected file in the winamp playlist) but it seems that windows explorer only receives ENTER (without SHIFT), so the selected file is beeing played instantly instead of queued in the playlist.

Then I tried to write an AutoIt-Script, which just sends SHIFT+ENTER:


I assigned the IR-command to the script and the result was the same. The file startet to play immediately (instead of being queued), so again it seems that explorer doesn't get the SHIFT-command (it works when I press SHIFT+ENTER on keyboard btw.)

Then I tried the following:


this should open up the context menu and select the second entry (which is "enqueue in winamp").

This also didn't work, the context menu seems to show up for a fraction of a second and hides again. The commands "DOWN 2" and "ENTER" were sent to explorer AFTER the context menu disappeard.

I also tried:


Send("{DOWN 2}{ENTER}");

with the same effect: the context menu shows up and disappears in the fraction of a second and the following commands don't reach the "enqueue in winamp"-command.

I know that the command "enqueue in winamp" is just a shortcut for "winamp.exe /ADD %1", but how can I get the currently selected file to pass it to %1 ?

I'm really pulling my hair because of this problem, I hope somebody can help.



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Hi MJFox,

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Welcome to the forums and we were just talking about getting the handle to a file in explorer in monocere's thread. Why not sneak a peek at that and take a look at the codes there;).

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Ok, I spent the last 3 hours to search the forum and playing around with various commands and finally wrote the following down:

$Window = WinGetTitle("[ACTIVE]", "")

$CLVItem = ControlListView($Window, "FolderView", "SysListView321", "GetSelected")

$Item = ControlListView($Window, "FolderView", "SysListView321", "GetText", $CLVItem)

$Path = ControlGetText("[Class:CabinetWClass]", "", "Edit1")

Run('c:\programme\winamp\winamp.exe /ADD "' & $Path & '\' & $Item & '.mp3"')


it works... but I'm not quite satisfied with it... it seems too complicated for such a task :)

does anybody have a better solution for the problem?



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ok, I found a different solution

Global $HotKey = "^!w"

HotKeySet($HotKey, "_enqueue")



Until False

Func _enqueue()



the reason why this works and a script which just sends Send("{APPSKEY}{DOWN 2}{ENTER}") doesn't is because in VISTA the explorer window seems to loose focus when you launch an autoit-script, so the wrong context menu shows up... with the solution above the autoit-script runs in background and doesn't grap focus when the hotkey is pressed



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