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how could i make my script do the following

IF checkbox1 is checked and checkbox 2 isnt

do this......

If BitAnd(GuiCtrlRead($Checkbox10),$GUI_CHECKED) then

Controlsend("xxxx", "", "" ,"=")

Controlsend("xxxx", "", "", "{tab}")


is wht im currently using


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You almost had it...

If BitAnd(GuiCtrlRead($Checkbox1),$GUI_CHECKED) And Not BitAnd(GuiCtrlRead($Checkbox2),$GUI_CHECKED) Then

@Edit: CheckBox2 is NOT checked

Edited by Skruge

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Community On Patrol

Hi Noobcube,

Please create descriptive topics.

Using one word topics makes it really difficult to use the search feature, and those that could probably answer your question will probably not even read your thread.

Doing it enough could cause your posting privileges to be taken away all together, and we don't want that :) .


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