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Need some help with a NomadMemory based script.

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So I decided to make this name spoofer script for fun (Starcraft Broodwar).. I am not great in autoit, but I thought I would be capable of doing this..

Here is my script:

#include <NomadMemory.au3>
HotKeySet("{F1}", "Spoof")
HotKeySet("{F2}", "Quit")

$winname = "Brood War"
$Spoof_Address = 0x19044EE8
$Lobby_Address = 0x1C4B8
$Channel_Address = 0x59BD74
$Process = WinGetProcess($winname);Get process ID
$Mem_Open = _MemoryOpen($Process);Open
$orig = InputBox("What is your account name?", "What is your account name?: ");Window name
$spoof = InputBox("What is your spoof name?", "What is your spoof name?: ");Window name

;Func Read();Read func
;$read = _MemoryRead($Read_Address, $Mem_Open);Read
;EndFunc;End read func

Func Spoof()
$Mem_Open = _MemoryOpen($Process);Open
$write = _MemoryWrite($Spoof_Address, $Mem_Open, $spoof);Write

Func Quit()

;Anti temp-ban
While 1
$lobby = _MemoryRead($Lobby_Address, $Mem_Open);Read
if ($lobby = 1) Then
$Mem_Open = _MemoryOpen($Process);Open
$write = _MemoryWrite($Spoof_Address, $Mem_Open, $orig);Write
$lobby = 0

The code compiles and runs fine, but I have been unable to get any action out of this script T_T.. I just F1 and simply nothing happens.. It's meant to change the text at the 0x19044EE8 to $spoof.. there is also something that waits to see if you are in the lobby and does some stuff, but I even tried disabling that but it didnt help.. Please take a look at my code and tell me whats wrong, I would appreciate it..

I have attached NomadMemory.au3: NomadMemory.au3

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You only open the process once, doing it more than once could cause an error so that might be the problem, also don't close the memory handle until you've closed the script as it will make your reads/writes faster. Your Sleep(1) won't really help with CPU usage and a memory read does not return 1, so that condition will never be met. I also haven't seen others use their conditions in parenthesis so try removing those from your If ($lobby = 1) line. All addresses must be in proper hex so make sure you have all necessary 0s. Also check that the addresses aren't dynamic, as if they are you'll have to read the pointer which is a different function.

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