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How to clean the tray

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Ok is there any way that can successfully clean all orphaned icons from a tray? I used a func I coded a while ago for a while but its not very effective and requires an extra include just for that func. It doesn't clean the hidden ones also :)

Inital Func:

Func _CleanTray()
    Local $desktophandle = _WinAPI_GetDesktopWindow()
    Local $desktopheight = _WinAPI_GetClientHeight($desktophandle)
    Local $desktopwidth = _WinAPI_GetClientWidth($desktophandle)
    Local $firstcoordx = (800 / 1024) * $desktopwidth
    Local $bothcoordy = (755 / 768) * $desktopheight
    Local $secondcoordx = (1000 / 1024) * $desktopwidth

    MouseMove($firstcoordx, $bothcoordy, 0)
    MouseMove($secondcoordx, $bothcoordy, 10)
    MouseMove($firstcoordx, $bothcoordy, 10)
EndFunc   ;==>_CleanTray

Any better way to do this?

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