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Help with simple script...

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I am trying to create a loop of mouse clicks on my screen starting at horizontal position 50, and ending on horizontal position 650. The vertical position of this horizontal "line of mouse clicks" is at the vertical position 200. A click for every increase of 20 on the horizontal position, then loop back to 50 to do it again.

i.e. click on horizontal position 50, 70, 90, 110, 130, 150, 170, 190, 210, 230, 250, 270, and so on up until 650, and then repeat starting at 50 again. the vertical position of all these clicks is 200

Thanks so much for any help that you can offer! =D

Kindest Regards,

Brooke Moskalev

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Should be something like this...

$ClickX = 50
$ClickY = 200

    MouseClick("left", $ClickX, $ClickY, 1, 0)
    If $ClickX < 650 Then
        $ClickX = $ClickX + 20
        $ClickX = 50

Though really, you should atleast try and post your attempts first.

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