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Func _sendYahoo($user, $text)
    Local $send
    $send = _IECreate ("ymsgr:sendim?"&$user&"&m="&$text,0)

I have function _sendYahoo , but it very slow. ( <=5 s) , I want function fast , Can any people help me ?

Will It use function on Yahoo .DLL ? ( ymsdk.dll,... )

Sorry , i not good enlisgh. :)

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You need to show full code before we can really help you.

Function will first open IE before it open Yahoo window ==> very slow, i want it will open Yahoo Window very fast ==> Function ?

Func _GetTextReply($YahooWin)
        Local $GetTextReply
        $GetTextReply = ControlGetText($YahooWin,"","YHTMLContainer1")
        If $GetTextReply = "" Or $GetTextReply = 0 Then
            Return 0
            Return $GetTextReply

Function is no result . Why ? :)

Sorry , i not good enlish >_<

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Community On Patrol

Hi let,

Please create descriptive topics.

Using one word topics makes it really difficult to use the search feature, and those that could probably answer your question will probably not even read your thread.

Doing it enough could cause your posting privileges to be taken away all together, and we don't want that :) .


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