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How Get Tiptext of Button from another application

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How Get Tiptext of Button from another application?

Please Help me!

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How Get Tiptext of Button from another application?

Please Help me!


try this on your button

maybe this will work for you

good luck

Edit: Typo

#include <WindowsConstants.au3>
#include <GuiToolTip.au3>
#include <WinAPI.au3>
#Include <Misc.au3>

;enumerates all tooltips for given application window title or handle (app can be minimized)
;coordinate position data may or may not be in Enumtools return
;WinGetPos will return position if tooltip visible.

;a window can have one tooltip control and many tooltips (test app: VideoRedo MPEG Editor),
;or many tooltip controls with one or more tooltips per control (test app: Windows Media Player).

;Note: Windows Media Player returns inconsistent tooltip count per tool.
;(4 tool controls, 4 tooltips)
;if all visible controls are hovered over before running this script
;then tooltip count is high (7 tool controls and 30+ tooltips)
;tools are probably added/removed on demand.

;VideoRedo MPEG Editor (1 tool control only) tooltip count is consistently 21 tooltips.

;Caveat: YMMV
;some button tooltips may not be readable at all,
;or your going to have to use mouse control
;to hover over the button first to activate the tooltip
;while scanning for tooltips for that window title/hwnd in a loop.

;Author: rover

_Singleton("tooltiptest1", 0)

Global $sLastTitle

$sTitle = "Windows Media Player" ; replace with title of your app
Run("C:\Program Files\Windows Media Player\wmplayer.exe /prefetch:1") ; remove
WinWaitActive($sTitle, "", 10)
$hwnd = WinGetHandle($sTitle)
If Not IsHWnd($hwnd) Then Exit ; exit if above handle invalid
$aWL = WinList("[CLASS:tooltips_class32]")

For $i1 = 1 To $aWL[0][0]
    If IsHWnd($aWL[$i1][1]) Then
        ; get parent window handle, compare to target window handle
        $hParent = _WinAPI_GetAncestor($aWL[$i1][1], $GA_ROOTOWNER)
        $sParentTitle = WinGetTitle($hParent)
        If $hParent = $hwnd Then
            $iTipCount = _GUIToolTip_GetToolCount($aWL[$i1][1]) ; get tooltip count per tool control
            If $sLastTitle <> $sParentTitle Then
                ConsoleWrite('+Window Title = ' & $sParentTitle & @crlf)
                ConsoleWrite('+Window Hwnd = ' & $hParent & @crlf & @crlf)
                $sLastTitle = $sParentTitle
            ConsoleWrite('-tooltips_class32' & @crlf)
            ConsoleWrite('+Toolcontrol hwnd  = ' & $aWL[$i1][1] & @crlf)
            ConsoleWrite('+ToolExists = ' & _GUIToolTip_ToolExists($aWL[$i1][1]) & @crlf) ; visible = True, hidden = False
            ConsoleWrite('+Tooltip GetToolCount  = ' & $iTipCount & @crlf)

            For $i2 = 0 To $iTipCount -1 ; enumerate all tooltips for a tooltip control
                $aRet = _GUIToolTip_EnumTools($aWL[$i1][1], $i2)
                ConsoleWrite("+Tooltip text " & $i2 & " = " & $aRet[8] & @CRLF)
                ;view all returned info for tooltip control
                ;For $i3 = 0 To UBound($aRet) -1
                    ;ConsoleWrite("+> EnumTools [" & $i3 & "] - " & $aRet[$i3] & @CRLF)
Edited by rover

I see fascists...

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