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Hey guys. I'm looking to create a script that will download multiple links all at once without the fuss of having to confirm downloads and enterting the links manuallu (yup, I'm THAT lazy)

So i was thinking of writing somthing that would bypass the main Firefox window and go straight to the download window but no matter how hard i look i cant seem to find a way to do that.

I have already created a script that will go through and enter the links automatically and then click the Save button but i dont like it.

Also have tried looking for Firefox commands but to no avail. Can anyone shed some light onto this for me?



i need it to be Firefox because of some of the cookies required.

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Const $openfrom = "Öffnen von "     ; english: open from  
Const $saveto = "Speichern unter"   ; english: save to

Dim $array[3] = _ 
[ _ 
"http://www.drakonis.org/albums/comix/thumb_comix-3.jpg", _ 
"http://www.drakonis.org/albums/comix/comix-10.jpg", _ 
"http://www.drakonis.org/albums/comix/comix-46.jpg" _
$len = UBound($array)-1

For $i=0 To $len Step 1
    If WinWaitActive($openfrom&getName($array[$i]),"",1) == 0 Then 
        If WinWaitActive($saveto&getName($array[$i]),"",1) == 0 Then
            Send ("^s")
            MsgBox(0,"Error",$array[$i]&" wasn´t downloaded!")

Func getName($url)
    Return StringMid($url,StringInStr($url,"/",0,-1)+1)

Isn´t perfect too... :P

But maybe it helps you

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