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This works on Vista x32, but not Vista x64

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The following script returns a list of sound sources available. It works on Vista x32 and not on Vista x64. It seems like ControlListView("Sound", "Playback", "SysListView321", "GetText", $i) is the culprit.

Suggestions? The point of the script I'm writing is to change the default sound source (to switch from sound card to usb headset), so if there's a better way to do that than automating the Sound dialog, I'm willing to try that. However, for future reference, I'd really like to know how to "GetText" a 64-bit List Control.

#include <Array.au3>
$items = ChangeDefSndSrc()
;   Name:           ChangeDefSndSrc
;   Description:    Toggles between headset sound output and speakers output
Func ChangeDefSndSrc()
    Run("control.exe /name Microsoft.AudioDevicesAndSoundThemes")
    WinWait("Sound", "Playback")
    WinActivate("Sound", "Playback")
    $items = ControlListView("Sound", "Playback", "SysListView321", "GetItemCount")
    Dim $ItemNames[$items]
    For $i = 0 To $items - 1
        ControlListView("Sound", "Playback", "SysListView321", "Select", $i)
        $EnCheck = ControlCommand("Sound", "Playback", "Button2", "IsEnabled")
        If $EnCheck = 0 Then
            $CurrDef = $i
        $ItemNames[$i] = ControlListView("Sound", "Playback", "SysListView321", "GetText", $i)
    Return $ItemNames

EndFunc  ;==>ChangeDefSndSrc
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I just ran into this problem again on a different project. Still can't figure out how to get text from this sort of control.

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