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Can set a button's background color, but cannot retrieve the button's background color

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GUICtrlCreateButton("", $xstart, $ystart, 10, 10)

If FileExists(blahblahblah.txt) Then

GUICtrlSetBkColor(-1,0xff0000) ; this part sets the color just fine





func colorquery()

this is where I haven't got a clue - i've searched and searched, and it seems like nothing is available to tell me the color

of a control.

I set the color with one simple command, so I was hoping I could retrieve the color with one simple command.


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Set the colour to a variable and access it later.



:idea::(:P Thanks! That kinda points me in the direction I thought I'd have to go...

outback southeast of Alice Springs... :) I'm having great fun - I really love AutoIT - and if my brain starts to

melt it's my own fault...I've been at this 12-18 hours a day for at least a week...

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