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Get Launchy "autorunned"

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Im using Launchy, a keystroke app launcher (http://www.launchy.net) on my USB stick for portable use.

When configuring autorun for launchy on my stick i noticed that just adding the needed information to autorun.inf didnt work.

Then i tried writing an autoit wrapper to accomplish the autorun, but run, runwait, shellexecute and shellexecutewait cant seem to launch Launchy (which i still find strange)

I dont know if its a Vista-only problem, but i made an easy short scriptlet to make the launch of Launchy work (and at least vista-proof).

Launchy also has no native trayicon and i always want to SEE if launchy is running (check before ejecting my stick ex.) so there will be a trayicon for seeing if launchy is running.

My config on stick:

* Compiled script in root of usbstick (PortableLaunchy.exe)

* Launchy folder in root of usbstick (ex. usbroot:\Launchy\)

* autorun.inf



Action=Start Launchy



Opt("OnExitFunc", "OnExit")
Opt("TrayMenuMode", 1)
Opt("TrayOnEventMode", 1)


$arShortcut = FileGetShortcut(@ScriptDir & "\Launchy\Launchy.lnk") 

If @error Then
    FileCreateShortcut(@ScriptDir & "\Launchy\Launchy.exe", @ScriptDir & "\Launchy\Launchy.lnk", @ScriptDir & "Launchy\")
    If Not StringUpper(StringLeft($arShortcut[0], 1)) = StringUpper(StringLeft(@ScriptDir, 1)) Then
        FileDelete(@ScriptDir & "\Launchy\Launchy.lnk")
        FileCreateShortcut(@ScriptDir & "\Launchy\Launchy.exe", @ScriptDir & "\Launchy\Launchy.lnk", @ScriptDir & "Launchy\")

ShellExecuteWait(@ScriptDir & "\Launchy\Launchy.lnk")

Func TrayExit()

Func OnExit()
    if ProcessExists("Launchy.exe") Then

there is not much new or complicated in this script, but for ppl who have problems autorunning launchy in a portable environment, it might offer a solution :P

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