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Problem with recallin old ie

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Ok, so i have this thing working, like it does what i want untill i needs to recall what it needs to do untill it need to call upon the first ie window i opend..

basic idea..

I open a page, it opens a ie embedded window and shows a picture and i write about it, and then i hit save and start and i want it to add the thing i wrote onto the old ie window before the embedded..

what am i doing wrong?

#include <GUIConstantsEx.au3>
#include <IE.au3>
#include <WindowsConstants.au3>
Global $Url = ""
Global $A1 = ""
Global $P1 = ""
Global $tmnx = ''

$Tmnx = _iecreate($Url,0,1,1,0)
$oImg = _IEImgGetCollection($Tmnx,0)
$sInfo = $oImg.src

_IEErrorHandlerRegister ()

$oIE = _IECreateEmbedded ()
GUICreate("Embedded Web control Test", 450, 300, _
        (@DesktopWidth - 640) / 2, (@DesktopHeight - 580) / 2, _
$Desired = GUICtrlCreateGroup("Enter Answer",8,225,425,49)
$username = GUICtrlCreateInput("", 16, 241, 114, 21)
$savename = GUICtrlCreateButton("Save", 168, 241, 75, 25, 0)
GUICtrlCreateGroup("", -99, -99, 1, 1)
$Relogin = GUICtrlCreateButton("Start", 300, 241, 75, 25, 0)
$GUIActiveX = GUICtrlCreateObj($oIE, 10, 10, 400, 200)
Global $User = GUICtrlCreateLabel("", 8, 352, 250, 17) ; This is 
GUISetState()       ;Show GUI

_IENavigate ($oIE,$oimg.src)
While 1
    $nMsg = GUIGetMsg()
    Switch $nMsg
        Case $GUI_EVENT_CLOSE
        Case $savename
            $name1 = GUICtrlRead($username)
            GUICtrlSetData($User, $name1)
        Case $Relogin

Func Relog()
    $oUser = _IEGetObjByName($Tmnx, "Login1$UserName")
    _IEFormElementSetValue($oUser, $A1)
    $oPass = _IEGetObjByName($Tmnx, "Login1$Password")
    _IEFormElementSetValue($oPass, $p1)
    $oLogIn = _IEGetObjByName($Tmnx, "Login1$LoginLinkButton")
    $oCap = _IEGetObjByName($Tmnx, "recaptcha_response_field")
    _IEFormElementSetValue($oPass, $name1)
    _IEAction($oLogIn, "click")

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