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CSS Map Dumper

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;CSS Map dumper v0.1
;BY Glyph
;feel free to modify this, just add me to credits!!
#include <File.au3>

$filearray = _FileListToArray("C:\SRCDS\cstrike\maps", "*", 1) ; change directory to the maps folder
_FileWriteFromArray("test.txt", $filearray)

$lines = _FileCountLines("test.txt")
$i = 0

$file = FileOpen("final.txt", 1)

    $i += 1
    $lineread = FileReadLine("test.txt", $i)
    $split = StringSplit($lineread, ".")

    If $split[0] = 2 Then;array = 2 splits (if anythign else you will error)
        If $split[2] = "bsp" Then;extension to dump
            FileWrite($file, $split[1] & @CRLF)
            ConsoleWrite("Line: " & $split[1] & @CR)

Until $i = $lines


For Counter-Strike Source dedicated server admins.

Dumps all .bsp documents to a .txt that you can use in your mapcycles.txt!

Before, I had to manually copy and paste them all. So... I said this is too slow, and made this.

Edited by Glyph

tolle indicium

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