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Pixel search Problem...

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i try to makin some Bot (Auto Hunt) for Online Game...

but i got several problem....:

1. I cant doin Left or Right CLick in game mode..(it work in Notpad or another windows program) <---- Solved

2. I was try to learning bout Pixel colour searching....but why when i try to capture the colour in game its just like "0x000000") in all different colour??? (maybe coz the GameGuard blockin it)

3. i was solved / able to Bypass gameguard (its why question number 1 got solved) but still cant get the address of colour (still 0000000) T_T

What should i do....pls guidance me...^^

n thx for ur help...


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1) Welcome to the forums.

2) There's a search feature,use it. This has been asked many times before.

3) If the color is brown use paint or another picture editor to make a color close to what you see then set the tolerance of PixelSearch().

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