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Make SLow motion coz Gameguard

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i want to make some BOT in Game....

ive done with pixel search n another things...

my bot is work too...but my question is:

in windows,my program is good (bout the speed n delay) but why when im ingame its like slow motion (1 code need 20 sec to doin it)...so long.....

i thought its bout the bypassing Gameguard...but i was bypassed the Gameguard (its why my progie work in game)...

i just had problem in speed motion ....

exp: - motion of mouse movement gettin laggin n slower

- jsut for 1 left click i must wait in 20 sec or more :P

pls help my problem...i was search in this forum but no one have same problem with me....

thx 4 attention ^^

best regardz,

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if you post your code, we might be able to help more, until that time I can only suggest to add a sleep to your loop. your computer is being lagged out, I think.

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