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Loop Tutorial help

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First off, thank you all for helping me with AutoIt. I'm from the Linux world, and I've found AutoIt to be a Windows gem for mass software installs.

I'm working on an install script for a Macromedia InstallAnywhere file, and it has no "visible text". I can automate up to the install part (copying files, etc.), but I need one more Send("{SPACE}") at the end. However, because all the window titles are the same, if I send the Send("{SPACE}") after the install starts, it cancels (b/c space hits the cancel button).

Here's what I propose, but I don't know how to implement it:

1) Use my script to automate up to install part.

2) During install (copy files), run a loop that does two things:

*Check if a file exists (desktop icon)

*Wait 60 seconds

3) When it does find this file (meaning install finished), send a Send("{SPACE}").

I've been researching the While,Wend loop, but I really need help structuring. Thanks for any help! It's much appreciated!

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#3 ·  Posted (edited)

For 2 and 3

While 1
sleep(60*1000); 60 sec
if FileExists("C:\filename.ico") = 1 then; if file does exist

Should work :P

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