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Child Window Checksum

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I needed a way, besides "static text" to identify a window. I created a "checksum" function that creates a checksum from WinGetClassList. I would be glad to have someone improve on it.

Func ChildhWndChksum($hWnd)
    Local $n,$l
    Local $buffer = StringSplit(StringTrimRight(WinGetClassList($hWnd),1),@LF)
    Local $ckSum = $buffer[0]
    For $n = 1 to $buffer[0]
        $ckSum += StringLen($buffer[$n])
        $ckSum += Asc(StringLeft($buffer[$n],1))
        $ckSum += Asc(StringRight($buffer[$n],1))
    Return $ckSum

After I record the title and checksum of a window... to later find the window I use WinList() on the title and cycle through checking the checksums for match.

anyway... hope that made sense.


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