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Data store UDF

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Well I was tired of ini files becuase I needed to store sensitive data in a file that the user of the computer couldn't read and the data needed to be encrypted but I didn't want the unencrypted data stored on the computer(you can't use the au3 ini functions to store the output to a var it must be stored to a file first) so I made my own basic file and made funcs that don't output to a file.

heres what a data store looks like

section name|value
section name 1|value 1
section name etc|value etc

I think you get it

Here are the functions

Description: finds the index of a section in a data store (why would this be useful other than in the other two functions? I dont know)
$dstore - the data store variable
$nameofsection - the section you wish to find the index of
Output: The index of the section that you input

Description: stores a value in a data store
Parameters :
$dstore - The data store variable 
$section - the section you are storing a value in
$value - the value you are storing into a section
Output: the new data store variable

Description: gets a value from a section
$dstore -  the data store
$section - the section you are retriving a value from
output: the value retrieved from $section
or if $section does not exist it returns -1

Example code:

#include <dstore.au3>
dim $ds
$ds = _dstorestorevalue($ds,"Awsome people list","mmavipc|Jon|Bob Barr(Libertarian candidate)|lots o other ppl")
$ds = _dstorestorevalue($ds,"My IM client","I use yahoo and sometimes aim")
msgbox(0,"Section: Awsome people list",_dstoregetvalue($ds,"awsome people list")); as you can see capitalization doesn't matter
msgbox(0,"Section: my IM client",_dstoregetvalue($ds,"my im client"))



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