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Why does _GUICtrlEdit_AppendText() not let me add more data?

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when something changes in my program it is all logged..eg..pressing a button

When someone presses a button, it will use:

_GUICtrlEdit_AppendText($EDITBox, "x button was pressed")

to send the "status" to the editbox, it also at the same time will

FileWrite("Log.txt","x button was pressed")

So that when my program starts up again, it will read anything in Log.txt and put it in the editbox.

Now, i have noticed that once the editbox has reached 1000 lines the


Does not add any more data to the editbox, however it still uses the filewrite()

So, although no more data is being shown in the editbox, the program is still running and storing the "status'".

When i start the program up again, it will actually add all the data to the editbox (more than 1000 lines...includes the data that wasnt showing before)...(i am using fileread() here)

So i was wondering, why does it stop adding data at 1000 lines when using


I have not set any limits anywhere that would make it think 1000 lines is the limit.

Many Thanks

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By default the standard windows edit control has a limit of approximately 64K bytes. I think there are ways of making it work with more data, but the simpler solution is to use a RichText control instead if you need to display a large amount of text.

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