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copy script to temp then run

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Im new to the world of scripting and im fighting for almost 3 days to get this to work... I searched this forum like crazy, been viewing examples etc but

I can't find anything usefull, so I desided to plant the question in the forum.

I am trying to make my script "test.exe" to copy itself upon execute to a temp folder, and then execute itself from the temp folder. (so it runs from temp)

And then run the rest of the code, notepad.exe and traymenu etc...

Reason: If someone downloads my test.exe to desktop and execute it, they need to be able to delete the test.exe from desktop. So it needs to be run from temp...

This is my script:

; Script name is test.exe

DirCreate (@TempDir & "\test")
FileInstall("notepad.exe", @TempDir & "\test\notepad.exe", 1)
FileCopy(@ScriptFullPath, @TempDir & "\test\", 1)

Opt("TrayOnEventMode", 1)
Opt("TrayMenuMode", 1)

; Tray menu items
$MenuItem1 = TrayCreateItem("Stop")
TrayItemSetOnEvent(-1, "MenuItem1Click")
TrayTip("", "Test", 10, 1)

; Run notepad.exe
Run(@TempDir & "\test\notepad.exe")

While 1

Func MenuItem1Click()


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I Did it like this:

If $CMDLine[0] > 0 and FileExists($CMDLine[1]) and @compiled = 1 Then
    If StringRight($CMDLine[1], 4) = ".exe" then FileDelete($CMDLine[1])

If @ScriptDir <> @tempdir & "\test" Then
    DirCreate(@tempdir & "\test")
    FileCopy(@autoitexe, @tempdir & "\test\" & @scriptname, 1)
    Run(@tempdir & "\test\" & @scriptname & ' "'  & @scriptfullpath & '"')


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