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Pass Parameters to already running script?

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How would I pass parameters to a program if it was already running? I know you can pass parameters to the script at runtime, just not how to do it if it is already running. My plan is to have a script be executed from my usb flash with a parameter when it is visited in explorer via an autorun.inf, keep it running while the USB is still in the comp, and have the running script check a condition stored in a variable (I REALLY do not want to resort to storing the data in a file on the flash) every time the drive is accessed again from explorer via the autorun.inf.


Open drive. Run script. User revisits the drive --> the autorun.inf opens the script again, and the already running script intercepts the call and checks the contents of a variable stored in memory.

I'm using this for a usb tracker for recovering a lost usb (I have the u3 4gb titanium, my baby haha).

I've seen mozilla applications accept parameters when they are running, so I know that it is possible.

Thanks all.


My bad, I had done a quick search but for some reason my sleepy state of mind determined that the results I got were useless. I've solved the problem with a workaround with which I don't have to worry about passing params to the running script.

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