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help with scanning ports

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ok for example if i put in 200 it would scan

The only problem it it takes 20 seconds per ip address.

I have tried to edit tcp timeout but it does not help.

Is there any way to make tcp stop attempting a connection and set the the socket to -1 after maybe 200ms? instead of 20 seconds?


AutoItSetOption("TCPTimeout", "1")
func radmin($startip, $endip="")
    for $x=0 to 225
        $timer = TimerInit()
        $ip = $startIP&"."&$x&".0.0"
$socket = TCPConnect($ip,"4899")

If $socket = -1 Then
    ConsoleWrite($ip&" - NO - "&timerdiff($timer)&@CRLF)
   ConsoleWrite($ip&" - YES - "&timerdiff($timer)&@CRLF)
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