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[RESOLVED] Waiting until an Invisible window is active

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My problem is this, I am writing an automation script for an application. When I launch the application, a splash screen is displayed, and the main window is running, but invisible and not active.

The main window only becomes active after the splash screen, (which has a progress bar and is just there to hide the fact that the application is really slow!), has been closed. The splash screen has no title and I cannot get the source of it, it also has the same process name as the application.

Therefore, I cannot be sure when my application opens, so I don't know when to start sending commands to it. I don't want to resort to using Sleep() statements as this is an unreliable method.

I can't use WinWaitActive() or WinWait(), as these will return immediately because as I expalined above the window is active, but invisible.

If any further clarification on the problem is needed, just ask.

Does anyone have any suggestions?



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Check out WinGetState().

Pop it into a loop and you should be good to go.

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What is the application? this could help us I guess...

Also this code could help you out, Just check through each of these message boxes untill you find your window :mellow:

$list = Winlist()
MsgBox(0,"Amount of 'Windows'","There are "&$list[0][0]&" windows open! (Hidden or Visible)")
For $a = 1 to $list[0][0]
    MsgBox(0,"Window Number " &$a,"$list[$a][0])

I could make it more advanced adding a question like is this the desired window with yes and no option, then if it is the desired window, set state to visible. But I am in a hurry now ;-) if you still need this when I wake up tomorrow, I'll gladly write that real quick :(

[right]~What can I say, I'm a Simplistic person[/right]

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