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where can i get a complete list for dll api calls?

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You know guys, there was a time when you didn't know anything, and it might be nicer to just say nothing than to give some wise crack like CHECK THE INTERNET - boy, you're so smart!

Anyway, I don't know where on MSDN they have API calls CLEARLY laid out so that you might be able to use them with RUNDLL (which, I assume, is why you're asking - GOOD QUESTION!).

The only place I know at this point that has clear use of some DLL's is DX21's RunDll32 Reference:


RunDll32 Reference

Also, printui.dll has a LOT of functionality. To see all the options use:

Rundll32 printui.dll,PrintUIEntry /?

The following AtuoIt code will install the "HP LaserJet 5/5M PostScript" to LPT1: (Acrobat used to require a PS printer be installed to work):

$Cmd = $RunDLL & ' printui.dll,PrintUIEntry /if /b "HP LaserJet 5/5M PostScript" /f " & @WindowsDir & "\inf\ntprint.inf /r "lpt1:" /m "HP LaserJet 5/5M PostScript" /u'
RunWait ( $Cmd, @SystemDir, @SW_HIDE )

Links to other places on the web that have well documented calls to DLL's would be greatly appreciated.

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