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unchecked TrayItem dont work

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im a newbie in AutoIt scripting and i've a problem with the automatic check/unchek-function of trayitems.

I use V3.2.12.1 under Win98 SE, eventually my problem results only under this old windowsversion.

Start the samlecode below and DONT click the ok button of the messagebox.

In the systemtray you have my two entries, but only the "work"-item is check- and uncheck-able

The "dont work"-item you can not check.

Where is the problem?

#include <Constants.au3>
#include <GUIConstantsEx.au3>
$TrayWork = TrayCreateItem("work")
$TrayDWork = TrayCreateItem("dont work")


MsgBox(0,"","checked work: " &TrayItemGetState($TrayWork) &@CRLF &"unchecked dont work: " &TrayItemGetState($TrayDWork))

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The same behaviour is also on WINXP.

I think this is intentional (but I'm not sure about that) to be possible to distinguish between normal/"checkable" menu item.

If it's checked at start it will be created as "checkable"

If it's not checked at start it will not be created as "checkable" it will be normal menu item.

I think it's because there is no "checkable" property in TrayCreateItem()

as i t is for radio menu items for example.

But mayb this is bug a should be changed ... 

I'm not sure.

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You should disable auto-uncheck and do all on your won in OnEvent-Function

(Opt traymenumode)

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Yes, as has said ProgAndy use the Opt("TrayMenuMode", 2)

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