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RegExp problem

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I'm not really familiar with regexp,but i'm trying to create a "IsIp" Function.

This function just need to verify if the item is like *.*.*.* and if ip is correct ( ->

Here is my first try, but I don't know if the regexp is correct.

If someone expert with this could help me, it will be nice !

Thanks in advance =)

Func Isip($xisip) ;this Function isn't yet created.
    Local $IsipSplit = StringSplit($xisip, "."), $IsIpCnt = $IsipSplit[0]
    If $IsIpCnt <> "4" Then Return "False"
    If $IsIpCnt == "4" Then
        While $IsIpCnt > "0" 
            $xisiptemp = StringRegExp($IsipSplit[$IsIpCnt],'1-254') 
            If $xisiptemp <> 1  Then Return "False"
            $IsIpCnt -= 1
        Return "True"
EndFunc ; ==> EndFunc 'Isip($xisip)'
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Yep that's it!

I searched trough the help file but didn't find anythig...

Thanks ! :-D

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