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Camera Controller Rotations

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I am working on a camera controller. I need to make smooth transitions between new setting.

Each setting is stored with the following data:

X (float)

Y (float)

Z (float)

rotX (deg 360)

rotY (deg 360)

rotZ (deg 360)

The camera can rotate in both X Y and Z axis but if I just get one expression right the rest of them should be fine.

Here is an example:

Posted Image

The camera automatically moves forward so we don't need to worry about that.

We need to set the rotation in order to change the direction that camera moves.

I have tried alot of diffrent expressions for this but they always fuck up.

Can anyone help me out here?

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Looks as if he wants the math to figure out how to make the camera continue to face along the path... I hate Trig :-P looks like you want a simple rise over run calculation to figure out the required angle. rotation = 90 y/x, if y = 0 then rotation += 0. If y/x = 1 and y <> 0 then $rotation += 45. Something like that?

Edit I guess better would be if y <> 0 then rotation += y/x * 45

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