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Unable to HotKeySet capture some NUMPAD keys

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I was trying to HotKeySet the NUMPAD0 and was unable to do so. I have not tested any other keys other than the Number Pad keys

With the following code, NUMPAD0-9 and NUMPADDOT are not being captured.

I keep looking at the code, feeling like I have missed something ridiculous, but so far I can see nothing.

Any ideas?

HotKeySet("{NUMPAD0}", "TestKey")
HotKeySet("{NUMPAD1}", "TestKey")
HotKeySet("{NUMPAD2}", "TestKey")
HotKeySet("{NUMPAD3}", "TestKey")
HotKeySet("{NUMPAD4}", "TestKey")
HotKeySet("{NUMPAD5}", "TestKey")
HotKeySet("{NUMPAD6}", "TestKey")
HotKeySet("{NUMPAD7}", "TestKey")
HotKeySet("{NUMPAD8}", "TestKey")
HotKeySet("{NUMPAD9}", "TestKey")
HotKeySet("{NUMPADMULT}", "TestKey")
HotKeySet("{NUMPADADD}", "TestKey")
HotKeySet("{NUMPADSUB}", "TestKey")
HotKeySet("{NUMPADDIV}", "TestKey")
HotKeySet("{NUMPADDOT}", "TestKey")

While 1

Func TestKey()
    MsgBox(0, "", "Pressed " & @HotKeyPressed)

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they are all working for me

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...I feel so stupid...

NumLock.... such a simple, correct answer..

Thanks for the reply as I was afraid I had a virus or something.

Thanks again.

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