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Cannot connect with 'TCPConnect()'

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I'm trying to create a little client... But I cannot connect it to the needed server...

I dunno what's wrong in the script, so I placed the bugged part here.

I Really don't know why that's not working...

[Note: The server is up and running, I can connect to it using telnet]

Func SendReport($SendString)
    TCPStartup() ; Start TCPServices
    Dim $RServer[2] ; creating var
    $RServer = FileRead($RServersFile) ; reading server from file (ip:port)
    $Rserver = StringSplit($RServer,":") ; split $rserver to 'ip port'
    $RSocket = TCPConnect($RServer[1], $RServer[2]) ; creating socket
    If $RSocket = -1 Then ; -> The script always stop here... Why???
        TrayTip("debug", "Error: cannot connect to the server", 3, 3)

As I said, I can correctly connect to the server when using TELNET...

So, what's wrong in this <little> part of code? o_O

Thanks by advance!

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Ok, I found the answer...

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