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Find text in Game

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Hey, well the last scripts i did have worked out fine.

Now what i u want to do is when you press Shift in the Game Tales of Pirates, it gives you the item name.

I want to check the item name against a list that is editable in game, if the item in on list, the left click on mouse on the item.

I thought a couple of ways of doing this.

For clicking on item not hard, the pixie search seems to be useless in this game. They use the same colors over and over an all types of things.

In this game i use the commands: ^a which is pickup.

I tried to use Scriptwriter, but the item does not fall in same spot twice.

really what i need is a point in write direction (how do i look for text check it against a list?) The rest i think i have here.

Global $Paused
HotKeySet("{END}", "Terminate")
Opt("MouseCoordMode", 0)
WinActivate("Tales of Pirates - Paradise Found")
WinSetOnTop("Tales of Pirates - Paradise Found", "Tales of Pirates - Paradise Found", 1)
Func Terminate()
    Exit 0

$loottext = "Fairy Coin"
 WinWaitActive("Tales of Pirates - Paradise Found")
While 1   
     $result = $loottext
    if @error = 1 Then 
        $confirm = $loottext
        if @error = 1 Then 
            if $result[0] = $confirm[0] Then 
                if $result[1] = $confirm[1] Then 
                    beep(500, 50)
            $error = "item not found"


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Could this work for finding the text?

$answer1 = InputBox("Look for Text", "What do you want to look for?", "", "", _
    -1, -1, 0, 0)

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I don't know what all of those parameters are, but I'm pretty sure inputbox is just going to give you a box to type into. If you want the screen checked for text that is actually an image (not selectable like if it were in notepad), you need to use some kind of OCR.

If you think Inputbox is gonna do that, you're probably in way over your head. Just play the game the way it is meant to be played.

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The text box was to set the value of the word.

What i want to look for is Fairy Coin. So by typing that in $answer value then would = Fairy Coin right?

And you said a OCR, i cant seem to find what im looking for here. I need to detect the word Fairy Coin, which only shows up after pressing shift. So i thought by sending command {shiftdown} the doing a search for that word it should work right. Then have the mouse click on that word, and search again.

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