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possible bug with Beta ?

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i have auto it on 2 computers, today (at work) i installed then new release Beta here:


also runing windows xp (both machines)

i tried compiling a script and it keep giving me an error (sorry i dont remeber what the error said im at home now)

also it wouldnt compile 2 other scripts

i was woundering if any 1 else was having this problem with the Beta, i did get it to compile here at home but i havnt installed the new release yet.

i just wana make sure the computer isnt messen up or installed it wrong.

anyways heres 1 of the scripts that i was trying to compile, (it was a test script the smallest 1 out of the bunch that i tried to compile, just a simple write to txt file test)

#Include <File.au3>

Local $File, $Row = 18351

DirCreate(@MyDocumentsDir & "\Programs\Emailer")
_FileCreate(@MyDocumentsDir & "\Programs\Emailer\Emailer - 1.txt")
$File = FileOpen(@MyDocumentsDir & "\Programs\Emailer\Emailer - 1.txt", 2)
FileWrite($File, $Row & @CRLF)
FileWrite($File, @HOUR & ":" & @Min & @CRLF)
FileWrite($File, @MON & "/" & @MDAY & "/" & @YEAR & @CRLF)

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It compiled fine for me using


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i dont remeber what the error said im at home now

It's important, when you got the error, take a screenshot from it, and show here, otherwise it's impossible to tell what is the problem.



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@GEOSoft alright i gess i try reinstalling it on the computer tomarrow and see if its still thier, thx for checking :)

@MrCreatoR ya i didnt know if it was the script or what at the time, ill compile tomarrow to see if i still get the error and will take a screen shot then try reinstalling it

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