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_IENavigate can't find gui when html code changes

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I have embedded internet into my gui. I want to be able to rewrite a window/page (not sure the world). After I clicked on a link. I suspect my variable, in my case $IE, is changed when I go to a new html.

blah blah, this is where I'd create the object

_IENavigate($IE, "")

This is what I do to clear the page, however, if I click on a link, it doesn't work

_IENavigate($IE, "")

You are probably asking, why don't I just hide this window and create a new window. The reason is the link I go to has music on it, which is constantly playing, even when the window is hidden, through


Perhaps, the question is, is there a way to delete a gui? or find the new value of $IE?

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