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Need some dynamic TreeView help

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Hi all I need little help with TreeView I have made dynamic listview, now I have problem with button click, If i click on button(this button must show selected TreeViewel ement in msgbox()), program closes itself. and i get error

Z:\dff\desktop-5-12-2008\Edit.au3(227,46) : WARNING: $treeview: possibly used before declaration.
                $item = GUICtrlRead($treeview)

Here is my func that creates or destroys TreeView

Func _CreateListviewItemsFromFile ($destroy)
    $generalitem = GUICtrlCreateTreeViewItem("General", $treeview)
        $flines = _FileCountLines("C:file.txt")
    $cl = 1
    For $i = 1 to $flines
        $cl = $cl + 1
        $dynamic = GUICtrlCreateTreeViewItem(FileReadLine("C:file.txt",$cl),$generalitem)
    $Button1 = GUICtrlCreateButton("&Open File", 8, 260, 70, 20)
    GUICtrlSetState($generalitem, BitOR($GUI_EXPAND, $GUI_DEFBUTTON))
    If $destroy = 0 Then
EndFuncoÝ÷ Ù8Z¶Ëa{²"ë¶éb²Ûâ{.±æî¶Ú'¶+y«^¢·^ë^+-¾'°jëh×6Case $Button0
_CreateListviewItemsFromFile (1);IF value is 0 Func wont create treeview

So I have Gui with buttons, 1 button can Create or destroy treeview. And an other button tells me which element I have picked from Treeviw.

So called "other" button causes me a problem" , how I could fix that other button?

other button gets me that error when I click on it.


Post if you have questions

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Make a small and working example to duplicate the problem.

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