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[UDF] NetEnum

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This is the beginning of my attempt to create a UDF to utilize the functions of the Windows NetApi32 library. Currently the UDF only contains one function, _NetEnum_GetNetList. This singular function is significant as it enumerates and returns an array of all the systems listed in the Network Neighborhood! :)

The motivation to create this script was to offer a user to select from a list of active systems to Offer Remote Assistance through the Remote Desktop Connection capabilities of Windows.

Example: _NetEnum_GetNetList.au3

#include <array.au3>
#include <NetEnum.au3>

Dim $Results = _NetEnum_GetNetList()
_ArrayDisplay($Results, "Example: _NetEnum_GetNetList()")oÝ÷ ÙÊ%¢º4ÓMÊZËr

Enjoy.. :o

--- TTFN

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