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Is it possible to show a progress bar while copiing a file so that the user knows it is stil running?

Here's what I came up with, but obviously it doesn't work. :lmao:

While $a = "0"
ProgressOn("Progress Meter", "Increments every second", "0 percent")
FileCopy($File, $File2,1)
For $i = 1 to 100 step 1
    ProgressSet( $i, $i & " percent")
$a = "1"

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I've created the following to do just that.....

$ByteSize = InetGetSize("ftp://ftp.compaq.com/pub/softpaq/sp28501-29000/SP28601.exe")
$KBSize = Round($ByteSize / 1024, 0)
$MBSize = Round($KBSize / 1024, 2)
InetGet("ftp://ftp.compaq.com/pub/softpaq/sp28501-29000/SP28601.exe", "c:\testdl.exe", 1, 1)
ProgressOn("Downloading", "Increments as file downloads", "0% Complete (0KB of " & $KBSize & "KB)")
While @InetGetActive = 1
    $KBNow = Round(@InetGetBytesRead / 1024, 0)
    $KBNow2 = ($KBNow / $KBSize * 100)
    $Percent = Round($KBNow2, 0)
    ProgressSet($Percent, $Percent & "% Complete (" & Round(@InetGetBytesRead / 1024) & "KB of " & $KBSize & "KB)")
ProgressSet(100 , "Done", "Complete")

let me know if this works for you....


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use the latest JPM beta and you can COM it....



... blah blah... insert research here



What is that "latest JPM beta" thing?

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