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Array Shuffling

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I'm just not in the thinking mood today, or something.

I searched it, it came in a function for 2d arrays, I tried to get it down to one.

Func ArrShuffle(ByRef $myArray)
    Local $temp[1] = [0], $X = 1
    Local $numElements = Ubound($myArray) - 1
    ;Loop through all array elements
    For $X = 1 to $numElements
        ;Store copy of current element
        $temp[0] = $myArray[$X]
        ;MsgBox(0, 0, "$temp[0] = " & $myArray[$X])
        $random = Random($X, $numElements, 1)
        ;MsgBox(0, 0, "Random number = " & $Random)
        ;Overwrite current element with random element
        $myArray[$X] = $myArray[$random]
        ;MsgBox(0, 0, "$myArray[$X] = " & $myArray[$x] & " - swapped data w/ " & $random)

        ;Overwrite random element with original copy of current element
        $myArray[$random] = $temp[0]
EndFunc   ;==>ArrShuffle

sometimes, it'll also shuffle the 0 entry, which in most of my cases is the number of entries.

So I end up with array problems, when trying to fix it.

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