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Help with ie function

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So every now and then, my internet either restarts or is disabled..

So some of my IE functions such as getting links from a web page end up returning a non-array variable.

I'm not sure how I should solve this, I was thinking something with IsArray, but it's already returned as one

Func GetLink($objIE, $Text = "")
    Local $oLinks, $link, $tURL, $pArray[1] = [0]

    $oLinks = _IELinkGetCollection($objIE)
    For $link In $oLinks

        $tURL = _FixNull($link.href)

        If InString($tURL, $Text, 2) = 1 Then
            _ArrayAdd($pArray, $tURL)
            $pArray[0] = UBound($pArray) - 1

    Return $pArray
EndFunc   ;==>GetLink

/e solved this

used UBound to count the # of entries.

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