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Show GUI *behind* existing windows [SOLVED]

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I've got a small script that processes files and displays a status GUI for a couple of seconds when each file is complete. If I'm using the computer when this script gets called, these status windows -- displayed with GUISetState(@SW_SHOW) -- keep popping up on top of what I'm working on, stealing focus and covering up what I'm working on.

Is there a way to make these GUIs appear behind open/active windows? So that if I'm looking at the desktop with minimized or inactive windows I can see them, but they won't cover my current active window? Something like the opposite of $WS_EX_TOPMOST, I guess.


Digging around in the help file, I found _WinAPI_SetWindowPos, and found the combination of flags using the information on the MSDN site linked from the help. Works perfectly!

#Include <WinAPI.au3>
#include <Constants.au3>

$hwnd = GUICreate("title",200,100)
$pos = WinGetPos($hwnd)
_WinAPI_SetWindowPos($hwnd, $HWND_BOTTOM, $pos[0], $pos[1], $pos[2], $pos[3], BitOR($SWP_SHOWWINDOW, $SWP_NOACTIVATE))
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