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Windowless controls

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i posted this in the the help and support forum but got no related replays on my topic so i reposted it here cos its more related to GUIs

well i was trying to make a script to get the text from msn chat window but found out that MSN is using a windowless control named "DirectUIHWND1" so this script totally failed:

While 1
    $b = ControlGetHandle("[CLASS:IMWindowClass]","","DirectUIHWND1")
    $a = GUICtrlRead($b,1)
    If $a <> "0" Then
    ;ControlSend("- Conversation", "", "DirectUIHWND1", $Gesprek&"{ENTER}{ESC}")

if there is any way to get the text in the chat window?

and since IE uses windowless controlls too can IE funcs be helpful in this case?

is there is anyway to get the handle of a windowless control ?

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ok i will ask my Q in another way

i found that the object that contains the chat msgs is named history how to construct this object cos im noob with objects

thats what i found in one MSN lib

func _msngetchattext($win)
if not IsObj($win) then return 0
$his = $win.History
return $his

and there is another way with active accessibility but i still cant find it

can anyone help me?

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